Why happiness and self-awareness go hand in hand

By Samantha van Londen

When you search for the definition of self-awareness, one of the hits will be conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings. But how do you know if you are really self-aware? Is there a box you can tick off? Is there a time or an exam you can take to make sure you are? How do you define it and why is it important?  These questions arise in my head when I think about it. Also, I watched the video of Tasha Eurich and according to her research, 95% of the people think they are self-aware well actually only 10 till 15% are. 

This subject triggered my curiosity. What can I do more to be more conscious of my own character and feelings? And also is this really something I need or can I live without it?


Let’s first start with analyzing self-awareness more. When searching online. you find a lot of different articles around it. To summarize, I would say it’s about being conscious of what you want to contribute to this world, why are you here? What are your core values and qualities? But most of all, what do you do with it? Do you use it in your job, in your personal life, and do you use it actively?  

If I answer the last question from my personal perspective, I do. When people ask me about why I like my work and also why it never feels like work for me, my answer is always: “because it connects with who I am and what my qualities are. Because I connect with people who are like-minded but also challenge me”. Unpacking this answer, my core values and qualities are: building relationships, having a helicopter view, being curious as many times as possible, always open to learning, and empowering people to grow. Thinking of this, that is what makes me jump out of my bed and get full of energy, knowing that I can contribute with my talents to the world to make it a better place. If I always use them actively, reflection on the days that were not the best days, no I don’t use them actively.

And what about you? If you are reflecting on the questions, do you know your core values and qualities? Do you use them and also give you fulfillment? Have you ever taken the time to discover this and think about what you want to contribute to the world?

Self-awareness and being happy

Doing my research, I became aware of the fact that you are happy when you can be fully yourself. When you feel appreciated for the fact that you are who you are. You don’t have to pretend and you can contribute to a conversation. You feel seen for the fact that you are different but also the same as everyone else. And yes, that all starts with actively being self-aware. There is no other way of feeling appreciated, then first knowing yourself. Knowing who you are and what you have to offer, and most of all appreciate that before someone else can do that too. 

If you haven’t started with discovering more about your core DNA, let me help you. Grab your free guide here and start the process straight away!

Good luck but most of all: enjoy. The process is so much fun! 

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