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Self-awareness training

The self-awareness training is a fun and action oriented program to help female professionals grow, develop professionally and feel comfortable and confident to bring 100% of their unique qualities to their job.

How will it benefit me?

Self-awareness is immensely important for both your personal and professional life.

When we see ourselves clearly, we make better decisions, are better leaders, build stronger relationships, and communicate effectively. We are more productive and happier!

Become more confident, productive, and happier for

€295 ex VAT

The Self-awareness Training gives you a workbook to put your thoughts into action and access to online content to watch anytime and from anywhere!

Get tips, tricks, exercises and guidelines to work on your self-awareness!

What can I expect?
Access to a workbook and online portal with content to watch anytime and from anywhere. In this training we help you discover your core values and unique qualities and you will learn how to apply them in your job.

What does it bring me?
Our programs are designed to bring knowledge, while having fun and taking action! After this training you will have the tools and motivation to bring your full potential to work and feel more confident and comfortable.


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