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Sales Guru in 1 day with Sharon

Do you want to learn how to position yourself online? Do you want to get more leads and customers? Do you want to always get a yes on your offer? Then Sales Guru in 1 day is for you!

Sales Guru in 1 day is for every entrepreneur who wants to have super sales skills. Learn everything you need to know to reach more sales, online and offline! 

Know about sales funnels and the customer journey

Obtain online and offline tactics to reach more sales

Create ambassadors that will function as your sales team

Make your product more valuable for your customer

Who is it for?

It is designed for entrepreneurs with a B2B solution, who can use help with:

Creating new business opportunities

Position yourself online and learn social selling techniques

Finding the right customers

Implement quick wins to get more leads and customers

What can you expect?

Sales Guru in 1 Day is designed to give you the quick wins you need in only half a day!


Elevator pitch.
Strong mindset and goals.
The power of offering value.
Conversation and social selling techniques.


Go home with 3 appointments with potential customers. After half a day of training, you will receive the necessary techniques to make it happen.


Theoretical framework with a main focus on your business. Put your knowledge directly into practice and save your time and especially money!


Currently, this event is designed exclusively in Dutch. However, it can be hosted in English for groups of international participants.

About Sharon

Founder of Saleguruin1dag and Grootdenkers


Sharon van Sprang is a marketer and female entrepreneur. Her business is tied with her passion: to deliver quality consulting and give businesses an effective growth process. 

Sharon has been empowering entrepreneurs with her sales and marketing skills since the age of 22. She dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur who empowers others to fearlessly start and grow their company. And so she did. Now Sharon trains companies and entrepreneurs to boost their sales. 

“As a Sales and Marketing coach I guide and train you towards growth and more turnover”

Sales Guru in 1 Day

  • Always get a yes on your offer
  • Learn social selling techniques
  • Implement quick wins online

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