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The xGen was founded by 3 ambitious women who focus on male dominated industries that want to improve their gender diversity. Just as we preach to the world, diversity is as essential in our team as it should be for any company.

We have different personalities, backgrounds, professional careers, and one unique purpose: to create company climates that nourish employee development and, therefore, increase company success. Our differences make us stronger. We are able to tap into different industries with the same values, and the same energy. We know what drives us, we know our mission. We are one team… And, definitely, an amazing one.

After years of hosting events and creating a community of female professionals as the Future Females Utrecht team, we realized companies need our help. The corporate world evolves and the traditional, old-fashioned way of working needs to change. Companies need to attract, retain and grow talent that helps to create an environment of diversity and inclusion. That’s why we are here. We are passionate about improving the corporate world, and we will

We are Samantha, Marleen & Britt

Co-Founder & CHIEF of creation

Co-founder & chief of growth

co-founder & chief of presence

We believe, for companies and society to be successful, we need to unleash the full potential of all individuals.