The xGen originated from the Future Females Utrecht Foundation and is run by the same team.

While creating a community of female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and hosting events the Future Females Utrecht team received more and more inquiries from employers seeking guidance to attract, retain, and grow female professionals for their organizations. The xGen was created from this need and it focuses on creating diverse company cultures and personal empowerment of employees.

With the xGen focusing on organizations and Future Females focusing on individuals, we strive for a world where all men and women can thrive. 

Future Females exists to increase the number and success of female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, by breaking down the barriers and accessing the resources they need to be successful. The xGen supports this mission 100%.

This is the go-to-destination for the key resources (community, inspiration, education, support) that women need to achieve massive things. It is run from cities around the world, called chapters.
Future Females Utrecht is one of them. 
We are building this local community because we know support is a key factor in growth and success. Community events inspire women and offer a space where they can connect, inspire and collaborate with each other.


The xGen

The xGen focuses on creating company climates that nourish employee development and increase company success by attracting, retaining, and growing female talent. The xGen supports the Future Females' mission 100%


Grytte opens its doors for the Future Females Community. All Future Females Utrecht events are hosted in their amazing venue at GrytteMaliebaan45, and we have our very own office space at GrytteBloemenheuvel


Zzinga fills our Future Females events with their delicious and refreshing honey drinks. Straight from the bottle or in a nice glass, you can always enjoy a Zzinga at our events while listening to amazing speakers or networking.


If you have been at a Future Females Utrecht event, you have probably seen our giant pink balloons! Ballondrukkerij helps us bring a bit of fun with personalized Future Females balloons as the event decorations!

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