Entrepreneurial lesson with Jantine Reilink

"Life will not be the same after the corona crisis, but I see it from a positive perspective. Hopefully, we will be more grateful for the smaller things” —Jantine

Jantine is an entrepreneur, project manager and creative producer in marketing and communication. Jantine has, without a doubt, a full positive entrepreneurial mindset. She has shifted her mindset to transform this crisis into a learning experience and continues to find motivation within herself.

Last Friday she sat down with the Future Females team to talk about how the crisis has affected her entrepreneurial journey and about Kraak de Crisis, an initiative created to bring value and improvement to The Netherlands after the COVID-19 crisis.

As any other entrepreneur, Jantine’s work and personal life have been hit by these uncertain times. However, her perspective and view of the future keep her inspired to take action now more than ever. 

I work for the Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht. There was a lot of uncertainty. We didn’t know if we could continue with it. Now the event is cancelled. This has a big impact on the whole event industry, so at the beginning I was like ‘what is going on?’ I was panicking because I was insecure about my income, but after a while you find a way in it. This period is a great opportunity to look inside myself, define what is important for me and what do I want to do. I don’t see it as a problem anymore but as a great opportunity to restrategize my business.

Jantine believes this period can help people change their perspectives, find energy within themselves and appreciate the small things in life. “One of the things I learned during this period is to do the things you love, because that has an impact on your energy. No one can help you with this, you have to find motivation within yourself. I think that’s really important in this period. Life will not be the same after the corona crisis, but I see it from a positive perspective. Hopefully we will be more grateful for the smaller things.” 

These times of crisis can have an extreme impact on the life of entrepreneurs. We are constantly on the go, getting new clients, improving our businesses, and networking. Therefore, staying at home during uncertain times can be frustrating. Jantine decided that in this quarantine she wanted to be part of a team with a purpose that can help society to recover and improve from this crisis. Now she is part of Kraak de Crisis, the largest national crowdsourcing for a more sustainable, social and economically stronger Netherlands. 

Created by Roos Janssen, Mark Spijker and Max Tilli, Kraak de Crisis is an open initiative to provide mentorship and funding to initiatives that aim to make The Netherlands emerge stronger from the crisis. People can submit their initiatives until the 3rd of May, after which the public can vote for their favorite initiative. The 5 initiatives with the most votes will qualify for the final. In addition, the organization selects 5 initiatives based on potential impact. The 10 finalists receive coaching from PwC, Frisse Blikken, Innomics and MAEX; and later pitch their initiative in a public live stream for an expert jury. The winners can earn up to € 25,000 in funding, extra guidance and access to acceleration programs.

With Kraak de Crisis we want to come out of these times better than we were before we entered this crisis, and that’s why we are collecting all the ideas and initiatives that are being developed in this period, and that can bring a social or sustainable impact to improve society.”

Jantine started to be part of this initiative as a way to keep her energy bright and her mind busy. “Normally it should be a busy period for the Bevrijdingsfestival, but now that it is cancelled I had more time and more space in my mind so I decided to help my friend Roos. I wanted to help, to bring my experience contacting initiatives and make an impact.”

These initiatives have been a source of inspiration for Jantine, who is now focused on positioning her brand to bring value and improvement to society. “It’s nice to discover all the initiatives, it inspires me. Now my biggest wish is to create and produce campaigns for organisations that make an impact. Consumer behaviour is changing. People are getting a different perspective on brands. They are more aware of the way they spend their money. They think ‘do I want to give this brand existence? Does it add value?’ For example Patagoina. Their mission is: Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. Which means that they take something from the earth and give something back that add value. And I hope this is the future for all brands. My mission for these next few months is to give purpose driven brands a stage to show the rest of the world what their vision is.”

These times of social distancing and income uncertainty can be extremely frustrating. However, they can also be an opportunity to redefine our purpose, shift our mindset and find positivity in our personal lives. 

I wont say that I never get frustrated. I have moments in which I think ‘what the f*ck is going on?’ —laughs—. I’ve felt scared, my emotions have also been a rollercoaster and that is okay. I think you have to accept that sometimes everything will feel bad; but you have to feel it and let it go by focusing on things that excite you. Sometimes you can be focusing on all the bad things and you forget to enjoy the good ones. Writing down the things I am grateful for helps me a lot to keep my mind clear.”

Jantine believes that during this crisis, love should be a priority and should be the focus of society to survive this crisis. “I think people should start to love themselves. Figure out what makes them happy. If you love who you are and what you do, it’s easier to share it with the people around you. It all starts with love.”

A big quote can be seen on the wall behind Jantine as she talks: ‘Trust your own madness’. She thinks about entrepreneurship as an adventure and keeps this quote as a reminder to trust herself. A perfect quote to keep in our mind during this crisis.

The corona crisis is forcing many to stand still. Let’s take advantage of this momentum to see how we have organized our society and economy and how we want to build our systems after the crisis. Our goal is to increase the growth opportunity of the best initiatives that ensure a resilient Netherlands after corona. Whatever stage your initiative is at, we help you to further develop it together with experts. Submit yours before the 3rd of May and learn more trough: https://www.kraakdecrisis.nl/

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