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1-1 Embodied coaching with Lena

Have you ever thought that learning, training and coaching can be connected with movement?

If you are an entrepreneur who want to move forward, then this one-to-one coaching is for you! Embodied Coaching is a form of accelerated learning that supports you to go where you want to be.

Create successful leadership

Reconnect to the passion and purpose in your business

Manage your state effectively and bring balance

Get clarity and structure about your next steps

Who is it for?

It is designed for leaders and entrepreneurs who are
looking for ways to thrive in their performance in regards to:


Spatial and positioning techniques to get the feeling of the different choices


Leading and following techniques to look and act like a true leader

Stress management

Intense movement
and yoga to learn how to release stress


Embodied scaling and active meditations to visualise and sense your next business plan

What to expect

30% Questions and interventions

Our brain loves patterns and so do we! We perform in the way we are used to and as this way works, we keep repeating it, thus creating patterns. Patterns are great, they make our life easy and automated! Until the moment they become inefficient for our performance.

I am here to question your patterns and support you in bringing your answers to the surface. By raising awareness on the way you embody your own patterns, it’s possible to build new ones.

40% Embodied

For every topic you want to work on, I will create tailor-made embodied activities. E.g.:

Relationships: experience NLP tools to support you in coming to win-win agreements.

Stress management: explore how to release stress through intense movement and yoga.

Progress: embodied scaling techniques support you in visualising and sensing your next business plan

30% Feedback and Feedforward

Feedback operates on a past-oriented level and feedforward focuses on future-oriented options.

Feedforward puts the focus on specific points of your development, in order to create lasting improvement.

I firmly believe that both are supportive when it comes to creating your plan with actionable steps to achieve it.

About embodied coaching

There is a gap between where we are now and where we would like to be. This gap has been created on two levels: conceptual and physical. Conceptual is the story you tell yourself, the thoughts in your head. The physical level is connected with your state of being, your embodiment. 

Embodied Coaching bridges that gap while working on both levels. 

About Lena

Founder of Lena's Move

Lena is an embodied trainer, coach, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Lena’s Moves, where she offers professional development programs to achieve greater success.

“Creativity, structure and passion for growth are the foundations of my work and reflective touchstones for me as I synthesize new ideas to bring forth an embodied way of learning, training & coaching.”

Lena’s qualifications:

Embodied Methodology Specialization
Masters in Adult Education
Bachelor in Primary Education
Coaching Certification
Training Certification
CRKBO Teachers Quality Code

1-1 Embodied Coaching

  • Clarify your current situation
  • Discover your blind spots in your performance
  • Get a fresh perspective and achieve your goals

Community offering

This coaching is delivered in partnership with The xGen. 
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For entrepreneurs who want to create more successes!

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