Community Initiatives​

Community members are there for each other during good and tough times. Having a supportive network makes all the difference in your entrepreneurial life. To help each other when needed, give a shout out to a new initiative or to share a new project and get feedback.

The Future Females Utrecht community consists of members, partners and speakers. On this page we share the community’s exciting initiatives, special packages, community discounts and inspiring projects!

Locals Utrecht

Their mission is to support local businesses of Utrecht by offering them a sales channel through which they can offer their local merchandise directly to the consumer. It is very simple: you buy a box full of goodies so they can continue to exist!
Let’s support each other’s businesses!


Zzinga is one of our event partners, sponsoring their sparkling honey drinks! They launched their webshop during the COVID-19 crisis. On sale, exclusively for the Future Females Utrecht Community, they have a discount on their 12 and 24 packs! 

Use the code: FutureF4


Corona is a good chance to re-evaluate your online ventures, and that’s why Sofia Chalkidi, co-founder of Web Friendly NL, is offering her expertise with a free web consultation. In this session she provides you with an action plan or list of solutions that will improve your website, your business or your online presence!



Grytte and Future Females Utrecht have partnered up! As a Future Females member you can get a special deal when you would like to book a space. Do you need a meeting room? You will get 10% discount on every booking you make. Are you looking for flexible office space? You will get 10% discount on your monthly fee.

Join the movement!