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Half a day communication skills for entrepreneurs workshop

Effective and persuasive communication is an essential part of being a successful entrepreneur, especially when your product is youGetting clients, negotiating contracts, even networking can put the best business owners out of their comfort zones.

Understanding how to approach key communication moments like persuasions, negotiations, sales, and networking are essential to the success of business-owners like you.

This workshop will help you understand how you can approach these critical communication moments. You will explore your own business communication needs with other entrepreneurs facing the same challenges, and gain practical insights that you can apply in your business every day.

This workshop will cover:

You will receive your own frameworks covering persuasion and sales, and explore some of the biggest communication challenges with other entrepreneurs like you.

How to construct effective and persuasive arguments

A strategic approach
to networking with curiosity

Understanding sales perspectives and adapting your communication techniques

Negotiation myth-busting to help you form more productive partnerships with clients and supplier

About Richard

Founder of Doughty Consultancy

Originally from the UK, Richard is a former lobbyist, campaigner, speechwriter and public affairs specialist. He supports industry leaders and their organisations as a consultant, trainer, and speaker.

Doughty Consultancy is a Netherlands-based policy & communications consultancy supporting people making the world a better place to be bold.

Doughty Consultancy works with public interest organisations to solve policy and communication challenges, including message crafting, communication strategies, and up-skilling teams.

Communication Skills for Entrepreneurs Workshop

  • Explore your own business communication needs
  • Gain practical insights that you can apply in your business every day
  • Understand how you can approach these critical communication moments

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This workshop is delivered in partnership with The xGen. Community members will benefit from a free consultation.

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