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I'm Co-Founder and chief of creation at The xGen

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One thing that describes Samantha is her passion for working. Her energy seems to be endless. She believes that to improve diversity we need to increase curiosity within a company. “When you are a child, you look at the world in such a beautiful way. Children can spend all day in the garden looking at everything that is happening, without judgement, just wondering and trying to understand. While growing up, we loose that curiosity. We are completely focused on one way of doing things and blind to everything else. Can we bring that curiosity back, look at each other, see our differences, the beauty in one another, and learn from that? Can we change the mindset of being right or wrong? There are different ways of doing things and different perspectives, which we can understand if we are curious. And that curiosity only comes from diversity.


Everything Samantha does, is with a purpose. She believes it is essential to create your own why. “There is so much potential in you. We are the owners of our own lives and we can find so much fulfillment in it. I want to help people experience what life can be like when you live to the fullest. I grant that feeling to everyone. That’s my why. That’s what I’m so passionate about.”


Samantha thinks that diversity in the working place is essential for everyone. “Nowadays, there are men who want to take care of the kids and they can’t. And there are women who want to be promoted to higher positions and they can’t. There is an old-fashioned perspective of work. There is a cycle of roles and inferiority, and we need to stop that. I know that we will not change it immediately. It will go step by step and sometimes, we will take 3 steps back. Willingness to work will bring us closer to our goal, and for me, that’s good enough.”

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