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Marleen is Co-Founder and chief of growth at The xGen

About Marleen

Marleen is the definition of an achiever. Passionate and always dedicated. For her, one quote defines all the work that The xGen does. “I remember this quote that I think resonates a lot with what we do: ‘vision your highest self. Start showing up as her’’. I think in the way we work, as a team, it is very important to discover our highest selves and live it. And create an environment that supports you to be your highest self.

For most of her career Marleen has worked in male-dominated industries. Her experience has driven her to make a change in the corporate culture and create an environment of inclusion in which both men and women can feel equal. “It can be quite hard for a young woman to be working with an older generation of men. There is such a gap in perception and a sense of inferiority. There are behaviors accepted by half the population, by a corporate culture that still goes on. And it is our duty to change that.


Marleen’s passion for helping the female community can be sensed in the way she talks. Her eyes light up talking about how powerful females inspire each other. “My inspiration comes from the stories. From the one-on-ones with people in this community. We start conversations and we realize that we can relate to each other, that sense of connection and support is very empowering.  


For Marleen, the importance of diversity lies in the benefit of learning from one another. “Having a diverse team brings an opportunity to open up and to be curious about other people. If you only surround yourself with people who are like you, then your whole life will be pretty much the same. There is so much to learn when you are exposed to different perspectives, opinions, and backgrounds. If you are open to that, you will create so many benefits.

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