Britt Staal

Britt Staal Co-Founder of The xGen

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Britt is Co-Founder
and chief of presence at The xGen

About Britt

Britt is without a doubt a cheerful team member. Her positive energy is contagious. She is inspired by the lack of women in management positions within her work field, and she is dedicated to making a change. 

I realized that in my work as a consultant, when you move up the hierarchy within the company, more and more women start to drop off. I always wondered why. Are women not being promoted? Is a management role not fitted for a woman? Are the expectations unrealistic for female leaders? That triggered me. What is the reason that, when you look at management positions, there are so little women? Jobs need to be revised to fit the skills and qualities of employees of both genders, female and male.

Diversity is key

Britt believes that diversity is the key to finding the best solution to a problem or challenge. “Diversity is so important to enable better decision making. It is essential to look at a problem or possibility from different perspectives. If you include the vision of men, women, and people from different cultural backgrounds, they will have all kinds of ways of looking at a problem, and only by that, you can find the best solution for all.”

However, Britt thinks diversity also helps you seek your own unique path. “Currently, people believe there is only one way to be a successful leader. Women adapt to a more manly image of a leader because that’s what we have known all our lives. But why not do it in your own way and with the qualities that you have? We are here to create an environment that supports you to be a successful professional in your own way and by using your own unique skills and qualities.

We need strong female leaders

Women have immense power to bring inspiration to all working fields, and Britt is dedicated to bringing that potential to light. “When I look around me, I don’t have a female role model that I look up to. I always wanted to see women who succeed by being good at what they do and staying true to themselves, and that was lacking in my life. So this inspired me to become —and help other women— to be that role model in their lives. Because that is what we need. We need strong female leaders in the corporate world.”

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